All Metal In-Tank Fuel Filters

All-metal Fuel Filter - Includes New Fuel Line Clamps

The half plastic/half metal in-tank fuel filters from Guzzi are not rated for regular fuel, much less ethanol. Replace it before it separates and strands you. Used on most all modern in-tank fuel pump F.I. Guzzis. Ours comes with both standard and Oetiker hose clamps. Breva/Nevada 750, V7 & V9 (ALL MODELS - 2019+ generally come with all-metal filters), Breva 1100, Griso 11-1200, Stelvio, Norge/Sport 1200, California 1100 (ALL '03+) & V11S ('03-05) w/internal fuel pumps --Verify with yours before ordering. Filter is directional. IN is clearly marked along with three dimples as shown in the Gallery pics.

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