Pegasus LED Light Kit


Pegasus LED Lighting Kit - NOT MADE IN CHINA

The new affordable Pegasus LED light set comes complete with a high quality relayed wire harness and a potent combo light beam pattern. These lights feature Cree 5 watt emitters with two 10 degree and two 25 degree optics, Good for 300 ft of lighting.(white). This combo beam pattern offers good forward lighting and extremely good visibility. The light set is available in white 5600K or a extremely bright Amber (not shown), perfect to allow those autos to see you. Lightweight and robust at 2.75 inches with a single stud mounting, they fit just about anywhere you would like to mount your lights.


  • Canbus compatible
  • 4800 lumens for the set
  • 20 watt draw per light
  • ISO 67... waterproof
  • 5600K (white)
  • Lifetime warranty