GT Motocycles SS VIII GP Megs


GTMV7 III Stainless Steel GP Meg Mufflers

Give your V7 III the look and sound it deserves! Fits all models including the Racer (see gallery images). 100% Handmade-in-SoCal-USA GP Megs with built-in, non-removable db-killers (trust us, you’ll love them as is). Hear them HERE on YouTube. Full stainless construction including packing. Lifetime warranty. Bolt-on and go, however, fueling modifications HIGHLY recommended via our ECU FT HERE. SOLD IN PAIRS AS A SET : Available in brushed (BRSHD) finish, polished (POL) or satin black ceramic coated (BLK). If not showing stock count, brushed or polished takes 3-5 business days to have ready to ship, black coated 7-10 business days. Non-public highway use ONLY -- not road legal or homologated.

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