GTM California 1400 Full Stainless Header System


GTM™ Full Stainless Steel Headers for your California 1400

100% Made in SoCal USA. Dealing with a cracked H-pipe connector or heat shield studs? Our full stainless performance stepped-header system mates to stock or aftermarket (including OUR GTM™) mufflers. Comes with mid-pipes that use your stock heat shields, 02-sensor bungs and "H" connector pipe of our design, and also comes with new GTM™ CNC Exhaust Flanges. This is a modular design, so the headers (only) can be later used for our GTM™ full system with mufflers. If you've bought the GTM™ H-pipe already, you can also purchase the headers and connector pipes separately, see Options below as "Hdrs-Conn." Guaranteed crack-proof. Bolt-on and go. Available in brushed stainless (as shown on the H-pipe only), or can be mirror polished or black cera-coated headers (ONLY -- no coatings on mid-pipe connector or H-pipes -- not shown) - ALLOW ~1-2 weeks extra when not in stock; See Options: below.

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