PC-V/AT300/GT-Rx 5AM/7SM ECU Flash Tool

Power Commander V w/AutoTune-300 & GTM® ECU Programmer

This is Power Commander's fully dynamic system; Fuel corrections in real time for every second the engine is running, from idle to redline. Includes the AutoTune-300's dual Bosch wide band sensors to replace the OEM narrow band sensors. THIS OFFERS REAL-TIME DYNAMIC MAPPING FOR EACH CYLINDER, FOR EVERY SECOND THE BIKE IS RUNNING. Our ECU Re-Flash allows the PC-V/AT-300 full map access, and includes Timing revisions for cold start and pre-ignition (detonation). Info on the complete kit click >HERE< On the 1400, note that the "map" selections on the bike have nothing to do with fueling, and also note that the stock fuel system is NOT dynamic/adaptable like most assume it is. The maps are purely a power to the rear wheel limitation via traction control, in which we tweak these tables as well. If you want the most crisp throttle response, cooler running and significant POWER INCREASES, this is the only combo that will deliver. We are NOW shipping with a Black Box Touch-Screen Re-Programmer for your ECU with this selection (see Gallery image). The Programmer is one bike/ECU specific, and will allow you to re-flash back to stock, or back to our preset map as many times as you'd like. Here's how it works, plug in the Flash Tool and read your ECU. Using a supplied Windows (only) program, you will save the ECU file to your computer, and send to us to revise. We will send it back for you to upload to the tool, and flash your ECU. Fits ALL Modern Big Block CARC Guzzi (not Bellagio) with dual 02-Sensors: 5AM -OR- 7SM (California 1400) ECU - NOTE 2016+ 1400s have a Secondary Air Supply (SAS) Pump - we are working on a solution for these models, short term you can block off the metal supply the lines to the cylinder heads with clamped rubber caps, and leave all else as-is (though you will get a Check Engine Light.)

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