GTM CNC V7 Retro Valve Cover Adapters - Head Guards

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**SOLD-OUT** GTM™ CNC V7 I & II Retro Valve Cover Head Guard Adapters

Hate your 2013-16 cast V7 Mk I & II valve covers? We've produced some limited edition Retro-Valve Cover Adapter/Spacers that allows you to fit the older V7 valve covers (available new from us HERE in chrome or satin black powder-coat). The longer design is made to help protect the head and cylinder in the event of a tip-over. Available without the Eagle (NE) or with the eagle (E) -- Mount both facing forward. They are available in raw aluminum, mirror polished, or black satin powder-coat. Stainless hardware and two (2) OEM gaskets ONLY when bought WITH the Retro Valve Covers from us - Gaskets and bolts with Adapters ONLY or Valve Covers ONLY, NOT INCLUDED. See our Forum thread HERE for more info.

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