GTM V7 Sump Spacer Kit - Alum

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GTM™ v2.0 CNC V7 I & II and Breva/Nevada 750 Sump Spacers

Buy a piece of mind by raising the oil capacity in your small block ~64%, from a measly 1.6 to 2.5L. Small blocks have been known over the years to consume oil when least expected, ending catastrophically. Our kit below comes with everything you need to upgrade your small block; CNC Spacer, Oil filter spacer (see gallery image for placement), two gaskets and full stainless hardware. Fits '03+ Breva/Nevada up to '09-16 V7 & V7 II (all models - will fit older small blocks as well). Does NOT fit the V7 III or V9. This selection is for the anodized clear finish. Also available in black anodized.