GT V7 Fender Eliminator Kit

GT V7 Fender Eliminator Kit v1.1

As shown, and the newest version is in aluminum and is ~2 lbs vs. 5+ for the 1.0 steel version. Fits '09-16 V7 Mk I-II & V7 III (all models,) but NOTE for use with the Racer; Rear seat cowling cannot be used (see gallery photo), or you cannot use stock turn signals. Bolt-on use with OEM turn signals, but *not* the OEM brake light, you MUST use an aftermarket version like our Lucas LED or Cateye versions below. Both of these supply light to the license plate and/or you can add a LED plate surround option >HERE< -- See our NEW v2.0 GTM Fender Elim Kits, click >HERE<.

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