GT V7 - V7 II Hybrid Air Fork Kit

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ALL NEW Hybrid AIR Fork Kit for your V7 or V7 II - ALL Models

Another GuzziTech exclusive... This proven air cartridge assist and spring kit offers unrivaled street performance. The best bump absorption and progressive rate action available. Adjustable by air (via simple fork pump) for weight and desired function. These are literally drop in for your '09-12 V7 or newer '13+ V7/V7 II. Most instances do not even require removing the forks or any oil. Verify your fork before ordering: '09-12 V7 came mostly with Marzocchi (raised M on inner lower fork slider under the front fender.), or your '13+ V7's with Kaifa forks with logo-embossed 'K' -- Some very early production '13s had Marzocchi - 'M' on the inner fork leg. Be sure to add our GT Air Pump unless you already own a zero-bleed fork pump good up to 100 psi.

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