GT V7 - V7 II Hybrid Fork Kit

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Hybrid Full Fork Kit for your 2013+ V7 or V7 II - ALL Models

A GTM exclusive... we've assembled the best of each or our offerings to offer this kit assembled with Mupo emulators, RT straight rate springs, and the Matris aluminum spacers and preload caps. This drop in kit, no cutting or disassembly of your forks needed! We will assemble these on paid order as they are built to order for your weight and riding desires. Purchase and we will be in touch for info. Verify to see if your '13+ V7's come with Kaifa forks by finding the logo-embossed 'K' on the inner lower fork slider under the front fender. Some very early production '13s had Marzocchi - 'M' on the inner fork leg.

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