GTM 1440 Pistons - Carrillo Rods

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GTM Big Bore Kit

Take your 1151cc (1200-8V) to 1440cc with CNC weight matched forged pistons and Carrillo rods. Pricing is for one pair each, as shown. Pistons come with all rings and wrist pins/clips - rods do not include bearings. This modification DOES NOT require crank rebalancing, but does require cylinder bore and re-nikasil services of our 1380cc cylinders - which we offer, or DIY. GTM FULL Fuel Kit MANDATORY - Will run beautifully on on pump gas, stock compression.

This was developed for our custom GTM builds. Complete motor build services available with GTM performance cams available to transform any of your older 1200-8V motors into a pull your arms out of their sockets torque-monster of a motor. Contact us via the tab above for more info.