MotoGadget Motoscope Breakout Box - B

Breakout box - B

The MSP Breakout Box B enables you to use the functions of the Breakout Box-A in addition to Temperature and Oil pressure.
  • Convenient screw terminals make connecting wires easy.
  • Small dimensions allow for accommodating the numerous hidden cables and the box somewhere on the vehicle.
  • Between the box and the motoscope Pro there is only a single cable for signal transmission required (m-bus).
  • The breakout box is sealed waterproof and resistant to vibration. Dimensions (LxWxH): 28 x 53 x 10 mm
Inputs for: Tank capacity / reserve, oil pressure switch, turn signal right, left turn signal, high beam, neutral, engine warning light, oil temperature, water temperature, outside temperature, oil pressure. WARNING! The breakout box B is only compatible with the Motoscope Pro for the current generation of devices. It is not compatible with the first, older-generation devices (shown by the lack of barcode labels).