Want a perfectly fueled, smooth running Guzzi?

We have your solution! Since 2001, GuzziTech has worked with exclusively with Dynojet as a Technical Advisor to bring Power Commanders to fruition for the community, and/or we also now offer Performance ECU re-flashes via our Flash Tool (linked below). Pre-2006 models are 15M (no 02-sensor), except the Cal Vin, Breva/Nevada 750 & '09-12 V7 (all are 15RC - single 02-sensor). All other post-06's are 5AM ECUs (one to two 02-sensors). The 02-Optimizers are NOT AutoTune nor can they be used as such. This does NOT work on ANY 2013+ V7 or V9 (MIU ECU) - Please see our GTM ECU Flash Tool HERE -- NOR DOES IT WORK ON THE CALIFORNIA 1400 - SEE OUR FULL KIT HERE. *FOR NON-PUBLIC HIGHWAY USE ONLY*
Select from Options: Power Commander V only, PC-V w/02-optimizer (required for Guzzi with factory 02-sensor), or PC-V w/2x 02-optimizers for all twin sensor 1200 8V big block Guzzis. Info on the complete packages HERE -- Please note bike and modifications in the order note box.

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