TR Alaris


TechnoResearch releases Alaris - the most capable and easy to learn diagnostic tool on the market.

Barely bigger then a credit card, Alaris puts diagnostic testing and engine adjustment functions you need at your fingertips; All basic operations for diagnostics including TPS reset. Service/Maintenance reset for the new California 1400 coming soon. MY2000-2012 Cal 1100 & 750 almost all 15M or 15RC (02-sensor models), 2013-Current V7 MIU, 2006 CARC Guzzi 5AM & Cal 1400 7SM. Features include: Advanced windows PC Software, Wireless Communication via Bluetooth™, ANDROID data Viewing App, Hours of Data recording.
  • Available for owners who require diagnostics for a single-bike.
  • View real-time engine parameters data (RPM, Throttle Position Sensor, Battery Voltage, etc.) & system information.
  • View & clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) from ECU Calibration settings such as: Idle Fuel Trim adjustment
  • Record data for hours worth of riding.