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CarbMate Sync Tool

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CarbMate Sync Tool

Displays the difference in intake vacuum of two carbs or throttle bodies, very precisely on a single transverse 9-LED display. Comes with the rubber bumper shown. NOT STOCKED - BROUGHT IN ON PAID ORDER ONLY.

  • The cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks

  • Bright color LED graph display reacts to even minor adjustments quickly

  • Precision instrument that is accurate to 0.5cmHg (meets or exceeds OEM specifications)

  • Solid-state electronics are shock resistant and extremely durable

  • A single green LED at the center mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are perfectly equal to within the selected resolution

  • A ZERO adjustment knob provides easy and quick pre-calibration prior to synchronizing; with no tubes connected, simply adjust the knob until the center LED is on

  • Instrument powered by any 12V battery source (cord with clips supplied).