CRG 3.2 Bar End Mirror

CRG NEW LS 3.2 Bar End Mirror

In 1998, CRG created a new category of motorcycle accessories with the Hindsight bar-end mirror. The revolutionary Hindsight LS (Lane-Split) added a folding feature that allows for greater clearance in tight space situations. Now CRG’s second generation LS 3.2 brings product design and manufacturing to a new level with a patented glass retaining system, aerodynamically sculpted shape, “in-board bar” mounting option and anti-glare visor. These products are made exclusively within CRG/USA in-house manufacturing to ensure the highest quality. Be sure to add our CNC Bar End Adapter Sliders shown below, or contact us if you need a CRG standard bar adapter. Most all Guzzi have a welded in threaded boss for the stock bar end weights. Price is for one (1) mirror. Buy two (2) for a pair.
  • LS 3.2 - 3” Round Folding Mirror
  • Black Anodize Finish & Stainless Hardware
  • Bar-End or Above Handlebar Mount
  • Universal fit for 7/8“ handlebars
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