EME Voltage Regulator - 93-06

Aftermarket Replica Combination Guzzi Electronic Voltage Reg & Rectifier

Show below, Upgraded replacement. Plug-n-Play; Bolt on and connect to OEM Wiring Harness. Sophisticated electronics housed in finned cast-aluminum housing. Features highly advanced metal ceramic heat transfer construction providing ample cooling. Designed for direct connection to the battery to by-pass potential vehicle wiring harness issues. Includes charge warning lamp circuit and voltage sensing input from ignition switch. Comes complete with all wiring connectors/harness. For 1993-09 Moto Guzzi. Will work only 2-wire stator, single phase output Ducati Energia charging systems - will NOT work w/ Saprisa Charging System. Voltage setting 14.2V / 450 watts. NOTE: USE OF ODYSSEY BATTERY ( DRY CELL DESIGN) AND LITHIUM IRON BATTERY NOT RECOMMENDED OR SUPPORTED FOR WARRANTY We are EME dealers. Contact us for special pricing on anything they offer; Info at GuzziTech.com