GT V7 Big Bore 820 4V Pistons

GT V7 Big Bore 820cc 4V Pistons

Get your '09-16 V7 Mk I & II small block to ~60 rwhp! Our equally weighted drop-in ~820cc pistons (no crank re-balancing needed) for our 4V head conversion. Pricing is for one set of pistons including all rings, wrist pins, custom metal larger bore head and OEM base gaskets. We HIGHLY recommend installation in-house at GTM -- ship us your motor or bike. Power graphs for comparison shown HERE. Our full GTM conversion kit (not included) is with retro-fitted 4V heads with all new modernized parts (valves, springs, seats and seals) and performance flow-ported intake and exhaust tracts, along with new push-rods and related to make it a near drop in swap. Have your cylinders bored and re-nikasiled yourself, or we offer this service. You will need to modify your stock header inlets to mate to the 4V heads, or purchase our GTM Headers or full system. Some light machining needed for the intake manifolds and pushrod cylinder clearancing (DIY with a grinding tool or dremel). GT Fueling revisions MANDATORY - see our ReFlash Tool - which will be included in the full kit with 4V heads, and cylinders with exchange. Approximate cost is ~$3799 parts only - Contact us for details.
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