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GTM Gas Cap Key Knob

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GTM® Limited Production Aluminum Gas Cap Key/Knob Replacement

Broken key in you gas cap on your Guzzi? Older Cal 1100s have plastic internal parts that swell and become hard to turn. This knob doesn't resolve this, however see our Forum for the how to, or replace the internals with the older metal type. Once that is resolved, you can replace the keyed internals with our knurled aluminum knob to eliminate the key. Comes in raw brushed aluminum as shown (Brshd), or polished (Plshd). These fit nearly ALL early model keyed lift-out caps (AS SHOWN) for your Cal 1100 Guzzi, up to the '16 V7 II and C1400s. THESE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO FIT THE THREADED TWIST CAPS ON 2017~current V7s & V9s E3-E5.