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GT MotoCycles V7-850 GP Megs

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GT MotoCycles® V7-850 Mk IV Stainless Steel GP Meg Mufflers

Give your V7-850 the look and sound it deserves! 100% Handmade-in-SoCal-USA GP Megs with built-in, non-removable db-killers (trust us, you’ll love them as is). Hear them HERE on YouTube. Full stainless construction including packing. Lifetime warranty. Bolt-on and go, however, fueling modifications HIGHLY RECOMMENDED via the UpMap device linked below. SOLD IN PAIRS AS A SET (and now shipping with exhaust clamp covers - not shown): Available in brushed (BRSHD) finish, polished (POL) or as shown in satin black cera-coated (BLK). Stocked ONLY if count is shown. Please allow ~7-10 business days to have ready to ship in brushed, for polished allow 3-5 business days additional and black coated 7-10 business days additional. Non-public highway use ONLY -- not road legal or homologated.