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GT MotoCycles V7-V9 ECU Re-Flash Tool

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GT MOTOCYCLES® Re-flash Tool for your '09~20 V7 Mk I-II-III, V9 : ALL E4 MODELS - NO E5.


SEE LINK BELOW FOR the E5 V7-850, V9 & V85TT UpMap device.

Our new touch-screen Flash Tool (FT) programmer for ECU "map" updating. This also a Diagnostic Tool: It handles the mandatory TPS reset (on all 2013-20 MIUGX ECUs) you do post re-flash AND we suggest you do so at least seasonally or at every service minimally. DOES NOT RESET TPS ON '09-12 15.RC ECUs nor will it reset the Service wrench on '17+ models, sorry, dealer or see our Diag Scan Tool below. It will also read/clear error codes on all '09-20 V7 & V9s.

NOTE: Windows ONLY program supplied, and it will flash ONLY ONE Bike/ECU. The Flash Tool does NOT come pre-loaded with maps, you MUST read your ECU and send us the file first. It will capture and store your bike's stock map once you plug in for the first time, then you email your file to us for revision, typically in 24 hours or less. Our maps are built around the Evap Can delete and (for '17+ models our) SAS Kit. Changing things on your bike often or in the future? No worries, map revisions are no charge for the first year (small cost afterwards). Includes all connection cables. For Non-Public Roadway Use ONLY. Questions? Please see THIS FORUM thread for Q&A.