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GT MotoCycles V7III-V9-V85TT SAS - Air Block-off Kit

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GT MOTOCYCLES® V7 III, V9 & V85TT Secondary Air Supply Elim Kit

If you've modified your modern small block and would like to help the fueling and closed throttle decel popping... Our proprietary Secondary Air Supply (SAS) Elim Kit for your '17-20 E4 V7 III, V9 & V85TT & '21+ E5 V7-850, V85TT & V9 MODELS : LEAVE THE STOCK SAS PUMP IN PLACE AND DISCONNECT OR REMOVE THE TUBING, USE ONLY THE BLOCK-OFF PLATES AND AIR BOX CAP. Especially helpful when using the GT Flash Tool for corrected fueling -OR- for the '21+ E5 850 models, please see the UpMap device below, as our maps are built using this mod. These are for non-public roadway use ONLY. Q&A on our Forum HERE - Installation YouTube video HERE.