GT MotoCycles V7III-V9-V85TT SAS - Air Block-off Kit

GT MOTOCYCLES V7 III, V9 & V85TT Secondary Air Supply Elim Kit

Our proprietary Secondary Air Supply (SAS) Elim Kit for your V7 III, V9 & V85TT. If you've modified your modern small block and would like to help the fueling and closed throttle decel popping, this kit comes with two (2) anodized CNC block off plates and pump eliminator plug and rubber air box cap, which will allow you to remove the air pump, lines and exhaust port air feed system from your bike. Especially helpful when using the GT Flash Tool for corrected fueling as shown below. These are for non-public roadway use ONLY. Q&A on our Forum HERE - Installation YouTube video HERE.

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