GTM California 1400 Full Stainless Exhaust System


GTM™ Full Stainless Steel Exhaust for your California 1400 v2.0

Our 100% Made-in-house USA stainless steel exhaust systems. Are you tired of the annoying rattling and cracking heat shields, balance H-pipes and no Guzzi sound? Knock well over 30 lbs off your C14, and gain 20 hp & 20 lb.ft. of torque as shown HERE -- with our full stainless stepped header system and muffled megs w/db-killers; ~93db peak at idle, ~96db@3500 RPM, ~103db peak aggressive throttle. Comes with 02-sensor bungs and connector "H" pipe of our design, and new GT-Rx® CNC Exhaust Flanges. Guaranteed crack-proof. GTM fueling modifications MANDATORY. Available in short, or long as shown for bikes with bags or those who want less sound, in brushed stainless, mirror polished (shown) or black cera-coated. For more info including VIDEOs with sounds - click HERE. NOT HOMOLOGATED OR PUBLIC ROAD LEGAL.

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