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GT-Rx Modern Cleaning Products

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GuzziTech Exclusive GT-Rx® Cleaning Products

Tired of spending money on mediocre products? After looking for a much needed quick and easy cleaning solution for our RentAGuzzi Fleet, and after more then a year in testing and development, we are proud to release our all-new GT-Rx® Cleaning Product Line. Completely Enviro-Safe and Biodegradable... Our No-Rinse Cleaners means no hose needed! All of our UV-Protected Cleaners are Spray-on, Wipe-off with no residual issues from over-spray or related. These cleaners are developed to be long lasting, and help protect surfaces to help minimize cleaning, just dust or wipe off with a micro-fiber cloth. Our Pro Detailers even will handle dusty bikes without washing. We know you'll be amazed. Spray bottles and No-Rinse Wash are 16 oz, Scuff Remover is 8 oz.
  • No-Rinse Wash: Simply add 1 oz of our No-Rinse Wash to a two-gallon bucket of water, wash the bike with a microfiber cloth or mitt, wipe dry or spray our Pro Detailer on while wet(!), and dry like normal. Just leave the No-Rinse Wash and cloth in the bucket until the bucket is dirty or empty... will not degrade!
  • Gloss Pro Detailer: For glossy finishes including chrome, spray on, wipe off. You can detail the whole bike in <5 minutes with this product.
  • Matte Finish Pro Detailer: Simply blows away the limited options currently on the market. Spray on, wait 2 minutes and wipe off. Leaves a freshly painted look, and helps repels dirt. For your V7 Stone, Griso or Stelvio or any other matte finishes!
  • Engine Enhancer: Leaves a from-the-factory look on the motor, especially good on black finished engines. High-heat properties, and helps repel dirt.
  • Engine, Tire & Wheel Cleaner: Removes grime, brake dust.. use a sponge or bristled brush and wipe off.
  • Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Restorer: Open the pores of leather and vinyl, and brightens plastic... and helps protect with UV-protection. This is not an oily-finish product. Leaves the surface looking new.
  • Scuff. Scratch and Paint Reviver: Within seconds, remove those light surface scratches from glossy painted surfaces and even plexiglass! We highly recommend following this with our Glossy Pro Detailer for optimum results.

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