Full Specifications

ENGINE Moto Guzzi 90° V-Twin 1380cc
TORQUE 115 ft. lbs.
WEIGHT 396 lbs.
QUARTER MILE 10.62 seconds
TOP SPEED 155 mph


Our vision was simple; Build the most fun to ride Guzzi ever. We started with the venerable Guzzi Tonti frame, then minimized, strengthened and mated it to the single-sided swingarm CARC monoshock, and wedged in the biggest and most powerful GTM worked Guzzi engine to date. Our GTM-01 is a one-of-one build, offering 140+ hp and a superbike-like 400 lb. semi-wet weight. Sit down on the incredibly low seat height, and let the bluetooth phone app energize the bike. Then fire it up. We guarantee you'll have one of the biggest grins, even before you let the clutch out and the real fun begins. Our bikes are built for the most experienced diehard riders only. 
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