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GTM California 1400 Full Stainless Exhaust System

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GTM® Full Stainless Steel Exhaust for your California 1400 v2.0

NOW AVAILABLE for your MGX-21 Flying Fortress

Our 100% Made-in-house USA stainless steel exhaust systems. Are you tired of the annoying rattling and cracking heat shields & H-pipes and no Guzzi sound? Knock well over 20 lbs off your California 1400 (all models), and gain 20~25 hp & lb.ft. of torque as shown HERE -- with our full stainless stepped header system and muffled megs w/db-killers; ~93db peak at idle, ~96db@3500 RPM, ~103db peak aggressive throttle. Comes with 02-sensor bungs and connector "H" pipe of our design, and new GTM® CNC Exhaust Flanges. Guaranteed crack-proof. GTM fueling modifications MANDATORY. Available in short or long (as shown in Gallery images) in brushed stainless, mirror polished (NOTE these are single wall tubing systems, not double wall like stock - expect coloring at the cylinder heads - typically can be restored by hand using metal polishes) or black cera-coated. For more info including Dyno charts and VIDEOs with sounds - click HERE. NOT HOMOLOGATED OR PUBLIC ROAD LEGAL.

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