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GTM Griso Fender Elim Kit

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GTM® Fender Eliminator Kit (FEK) for your Griso 1100/1200 8V

Back by popular demand, our NEW v2.0 Fender Eliminator bracket. Made in very limited production runs, so grab them while they last. Fits 1100 & 1200 Griso. Three pieces as shown; bracket & two turn signal holders. Black powder-coated finish. Made to fit U.S. or Canadian plates, check/verify prior to ordering - Hole spacing for U.S.: ~5.75" (145mm) wide x ~2.81" (72mm) high -- Canada: 5.5" (139.7mm) wide x 3.97" (100.83mm) high. If no stock count is shown, allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as these are made in small batch runs only.

For plate surround light >CLICK HERE< and to add integrated turn signals and additional stop lights: >CLICK HERE<