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GTM V7 I - III Full 2>1 Exhaust System

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GTM® Guzzi V7 & V7 Mk I-III Stainless 2 into 1 Full System v2.0

Our newly redesigned 100% Made-in-SoCal-USA full stainless steel system gives dyno-proven power gains, fantastic sound and saves ~15+ lbs from the stock system. Fits all '09-15 V7 Mk I & '16 Mk II - and NOW available for the V7 III. Choose either our 12" Meg with non-removable db-killer (moderately loud) or Underbody (UB) Stubby Muffler (extremely LOUD - essentially no muffler at all). To add the Stubby muffler as a secondary muffler option to this selection, also add one (1) HERE too your cart. See YouTube Videos HERE.

Options: Under trans Reverse Meg muffler (Meg) -- Meg Stock Mount location (MegStkMt) - prototype only shown, not final product -- UB (Underbody/Stubby) - all available in Brushed stainless as shown (Brshd), Polished (Plshd), or high-temp Black coated (Blk). Full stainless construction including packing. Lifetime warranty. Non-public highway use ONLY. This system is NOT road legal or homologated. GTM ECU Flash HIGHLY recommended. The bike will not run correctly on stock fueling with this system.