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Kineo Tubeless Spoked Wheels

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Kineo True Tubeless Spoked Wheels

We're pleased to be able to offer true tubeless spoked wheel sets direct from Kineo. Kineo starts with a CNC billet rim, uses a machined spoke bushing that slide into the rim slots, and allow the spokes to mate to full CNC hubs. The spoke does not penetrate the rim, making these true tubeless spoked wheels. Extremely strong, fairly lightweight and lastly, nothing like them. Beauty and strength. An option on our GTM Custom builds.
Standard colors for the pricing shown includes; Rims in matte or gloss black, anthracite grey, white or polished aluminum. Hubs in matte or gloss black, matte silver or polished. Spoke bushings in black, silver, titanium, red, blue, green, gold or orange. Spokes are in silver only, gloss black or black and silver optional. See the optional colors from there in Gallery photos. We can get other bike brands as well, inquire (Contact) above. The wheels come plug and play, meaning the front comes with new bearings, internal and external spacers and brake rotor bolts (as shown), as does the rear for models outside of the CARC bikes, those are brake rotor (and phonic ring for those with ABS) swap away from bolt on and go. Two options for the V7 front wheel, 17 or 18", see our Forum thread HERE. Also available for the V11 Sport/Le Mans (Spine frame models - seen in the Gallery images) - CONTACT us for pricing. Average time is ~12-16 weeks delivery to us, on paid order. Non-refundable once production order is started.