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Matris V85TT F25R Quad Valve Cartridge Kit

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Matris' F25SA Fork Cartridge Kit your V85TT

The F25SA Quad Valve Sealed Hydraulic Cartridge Kit completely replaces all the internal components of the original fork, transforming it into an amazing damping system. This kit requires COMPLETE fork disassembly - not for DIY installers. NOT STOCKED - Brought in on paid order ONLY -- 20% restock fee once shipped from Matris. CONTACT US above for time sensitive orders.
    • 25mm Cartridge in 7075 alloy with anti-friction and anodizing treatment.
    • 12mm Rod in 7075 alloy with oxidation treatment.
    • The assembly of the kit does not require any modification of the original fork.
    • The kit is supplied ready for assembly.
    • The cartridge is delivered pre-assembled (sealed with oil inside).
    • The kit is completely and easily revisable for correct and periodic maintenance.
    • Expansion tank controlled by an anti-cavitation mechanical system integrated with the hydraulic cartridge.
    • Eliminates the risk of cavitation.