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MG m-View Cruise Mirror

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MotoGadget m.View Cruise Mirror

From Motogadget's exclusive glassless m.view mirror series. The patented mirror surface is machined directly into the aluminum metal body via an elaborate fly-cutting process, using diamond cutting tools on ultraprecision CNC machines. A special plasma coating is then applied which makes it absolutely resistant to scratches, corrosion and oxidation. The mirror and mirror arms are CNC machined from billet aluminium, and black hard anodized, with all components made of stainless steel. An adapter required for stock bars and clip-ons (see MotoGadget options here), or choose the GTMBEA option for use on all modern Guzzi with stock bars, a GTM exclusive, powder-coated aluminum - pricing is one EACH. Buy two (2) for a pair.


  • Width of mirror body: 100 mm
  • Height of mirror body: 60mm
  • Thickness of the mirror body without ball-joint: 4 mm
  • Length of the stem: 61 mm
  • Inner diameter of the clamp: 1" or included sleeve down to 7/8"
  • Clamping width: 8 mm