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Nitron V7-V9 Twin Std Shocks

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Nitron NTR Street Twin Shocks for your Guzzi V7 Nitron Twins for your V7 Mk I-III & V9

The best entry-level gas mono-tube damper you can get for your V7 or V9, the NTR Sport Twin shocks provides superb control with a broad adjustment range to suit any rider. Place order when ready, and we will be in touch for specifications. Color Options - See Selection - TSSTD - Standard, TSSTDCL - Classic, TSSTH - Stealth. Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific shock end fittings may differ from that shown. Special, built-to order ONLY. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 20% restock fee if order is cancelled any time after shock is built and shipped from Nitron. ORDER online and we'll be in touch for your specs. CONTACT us above prior to ordering with any questions prior to ordering.

  • Built to order with the specification based on your individual needs and with all adjustments preset
  • Very straightforward single adjuster for rapid combined damping adjustment
  • Manufactured from a hard-anodized corrosion-resistant CNC machined aluminum alloy body
  • Pressurized Gas-Monotube design
  • Manual preload adjustment with C-Spanner
  • Adjustable length as standard - for most bikes - to fine tune ride-height and steering (also ideal for shorter riders who may want to reduce seat height)
  • Ultra low-friction piston rod seal design
  • Completely rebuildable/re-valveable
  • Titanium and hard-anodized parts for all weather durability.