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Optimate 10-amp Charger

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Optimate 10-amp Lithium Charger

OptiMate's newest and ultimate 10A lithium charger!


  • Steady 8A Charge/Tune Mode supplies 13.6 V of power for battery support when doing computer re-flash, reprogramming, or troubleshooting to the battery when plugged in; Helps with ignition-on diagnostics.
  • Includes a weatherproof battery lead and battery clip set
  • Compatible with 12.8 V, 13.2 V LiFEPO4, LFP lithium batteries from 2-120 ah 
  • Safety function will not charge batteries if they do not match the selected voltage
  • Ampmatic can adjust the current accordingly for different sized batteries
  • Can save batteries depleted to as low as 0.5 V with 3-step save and test
  • BMS wake up mode will safely bring a battery out of sleep mode or low discharge
  • Pulsing absorption mode recharges battery cells to equal strength
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor to as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The case is weatherproof with the ability to wall mount
  • 10-step automatic design is safe for vehicle electronics with a shut-down function if the battery is disconnected or a short circuit event
  • Prevents overcharging
  • 6 ft AC supply lead and 6 ft. charge lead with SAE connector
  • 3 year limited warranty