GTM SS V7 Stubby Mufflers

GTM™ V7 Stainless Stubby Mufflers

100% Made in SoCal USA. Fit to your stock headers or our SS headers. Yes these are VERY LOUD, essentially no mufflers at all. Dimensions: ~6" long and ~3" in diameter with a 2" core. We highly recommend weld-on spring clip and springs (included), and WARNING; You MUST create a secondary support for the system, as removal of the stock mufflers and brackets means no hangers for the back of the exhaust, leaving your system hanging from the heads... Read your headers WILL crack if you don't. So, we now offer a plug-n-play GTM H-pipe crossover tube with rubber support bracket (see gallery images). Available only with muffler purchase, or fab your own - no parts to do so will be included or offered without our GTM™ H-pipe -- Made to fit '09-16 V7s only. For '17s: Even though they will slide onto the headers, they will NOT look decent because of the heat shields - and the crossover tube has a completely different design (we are working on a solution to offer - or you can purchase our full system). Available in brushed, polished or black high-temp powder-coat (polished or black coated not yet shown) as single for our V7 GTM™ 2>1 Exhaust system. SELECTION below is for ONE (1) muffler, add two (2) to your cart if you want a pair, or purchase a PAIR with our H-pipe with support bracket and hardware, use Brshd PAIR wH, Plshd PAIR wH or Blk PAIR wH (mufflers only will be polished or coated) on the Option drop down menu below. Lifetime warranty. Full stainless construction including packing. GTM™ Fueling modification mandatory - see link below. Non-public highway use ONLY -- not road legal or homologated.

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