GT MotoCycles 5AM/7SM Reflash Tool


Let your bike breathe for the track. Race Only 5AM ECU flashes for modern Guzzi; Bellagio, Breva 1100, Norge/8V, 1200 Sport/8V, Griso 11/8V, and Stelvio (all models/years) via touch-screen Re-Programmer Tool, which allows you to go back to stock or change maps yourself! It will only work with one bike/ECU by capturing and storing the ECU info and stock map. Here’s how it works; Interface the Flash Tool (FT) to your PC using the included Windows (only) GT-PWG program and allow the FT to update online, then disconnect. Then plug in to your bikes diagnostic port using the supplied cable and read your ECU. When the read is done, reconnect to your PC with the GT-PWG program save the ECU file to your computer, and send to us to revise. We will send the new file back for you to upload to the tool, and flash your ECU. Changing things on your bike often or in the future? No worries, map revisions are no charge. This tool is also a Diagnostic tool; It will reset the TPS, read/clear ECU errors and show real-time voltage readings at the ECU. FOR THE CALIFORNIA 1400 (7SM ECU) - Please click HERE - Non-Public Highway use ONLY.

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