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GTM V7 III - 850 Muffled Drags Full SS Exhaust System

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GTM® V7 III & V7-850 Stainless Muffled Drags - Full System

100% Made in SoCal USA - Lifetime warranty. For your 2017+ V7s (750 & 850 - ALL MODELS - BUT NOT RACER) - Our full GTM® system gives proven power gains, fantastic sound and saves over ~20+ lbs from the stock system. More info with dyno chart and video sound on our GT Forum HERE. Full stainless steel construction including packing. Fueling modifications MANDATORY via our ECU Flash Tool & SAS Kit linked below. Available in brushed finish, polished or satin black cera-coated. CONTACT us above if you'd like to purchase. Non-public highway use ONLY -- NOT road legal or homologated. Allow 2-3 weeks to have ready to ship on paid order ONLY.