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Matris California 1400 F15K Cartridge Fork Kit

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Matris' F15K Fork Cartridge Kit your California 1400 Audace, Eldo & '17+ 1400 Tour and NOW MGX-21(!).


The drop-in F15K Hydraulic fork cartridge kit for NON-ADJUSTABLE KAIFA FORKS (PLEASE VERIFY YOUR FORKS BEFORE ORDERING). If your bike has SACHS FORKS, see the F20 Kit HERE. This completely replaces all of the existing fork internals, offering spring pre-load and separate functions of Compression and Rebound adjustment. The fork kit is fully reversible; No modifications to the original fork is required for assembly. The fork kit can be easily serviced and rebuilt. Built-to-order to your specs only, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery on paid order only. Cancellation: Orders subject to 20% fee once sent to Matris for production.

Complete hydraulic fork cartridge kit that completely replaces all of the existing fork internals:

  • 20mm Fork cartridge cylinder in Alu alloy, with hard ano surface treatment.
  • 12mm rod in Alu alloy Al 7075, with hard ano surface treatment.
  • Set of Compression and Rebound 20mm valves, supported by oil-less slide bearings, machined from billet aluminum, with its own dedicated shims stack for a total hydraulic flows control.
  • Anti-cavitation valve sets.
  • All internal and external aluminum components are supplied with ano surface treatment. 
  • Recommended fork oil typically included.