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Matris California 1400 Fork Kit

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Matris' Fork Spring Kit your California 1400

Replacement Springs and Spacers based on your riding weight and style. Fits the '14-16 Custom & Tour models, and pre-17 Eldorado with Sachs adjustable forks (14-16C14-SACHS). Also now available for the Eldorado and Cal 1400 Touring (16-17-C14ET-KAIFA) - May fit the Audace (KAIFA Forks) -- However does NOT fit the MGX-21. Please check yours before ordering. Comes with springs, spacers and fork oil (not shown).  Also see the F20S Fork Kit below, or the F15K kit HERE.

Purchase and we will be in touch for your info - Allow 3-4 weeks delivery. Subject to 15% restock once order is sent to Matris Italia.