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All Metal In-Tank Fuel Filters

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All-metal Fuel Filter - Includes New Fuel Line Clamps

The half plastic/half metal in-tank fuel filters from Guzzi are not rated for any standard unleaded fuels, much less those with ethanol. Replace it before it separates and strands you. Used on most all modern in-tank fuel pump F.I. Guzzis. Ours comes with both standard and Oetiker hose clamps. Breva/Nevada 750, V7 & V9 (ALL MODELS - 2019+ generally come with all-metal filters), Breva 1100, Griso 11-1200, Stelvio, Norge/Sport 1200, California 1100 (ALL '03+) & V11S ('03-05) w/internal fuel pumps -- Verify with yours before ordering. Filter is directional. IN is clearly marked along with three dimples as shown in the Gallery pics.